Zabavte sa v aute na ceste za dobrodužstvom

Zabavte sa v aute na ceste za dobrodužstvom

Čaká vás dlhá jazda autom na výlet či dovolenku? Nenechajte nič na náhodu a stiahnite si naše brožúry, ktoré pobavia deti a poučia dospelých.

Zistiť viac

Business Lease Club is primarily about our care for you. In order for this care to be truly first class and so that it can even top the most daring expectations, we require truly strong and high-quality partners.

About Business Lease Club

Business Lease Club is open to all of the clients of Business Lease Slovakia. By focusing mainly on the value of sustainable development, it aims at joining partners whose values are similar. The outcome of such cooperation will not only result in joint projects, but in particular also in penetration of communication channels, awareness and education of Business Lease Slovakia clients in the form of webinars, interactive elements of communication and ultimately benefits for a responsible approach to resources.

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